Samba Solo


History of Samba Solo

A typical performer of Samba dance at Rio Carnival. Samba no pé (literally, “samba in the foot”) is a solo dance that is commonly danced impromptu when samba music is played. The basic movement involves a straight body and a bending of one knee at a time. The feet move very slightly – only a few inches at a time.

The dance simply follows the beat of the music and can go from average pace to very fast. Men dance with the whole foot on the ground while women, often wearing heels, dance just on the balls of the foot. Professionals may change the steps slightly, taking 4 steps per measure instead of 3, and often add various arm movements depending on the mood of the music.

This is the type of Samba one sees in the Brazilian Carnival parades and in other Samba carnivals over the world. This is also one of the most common type of samba dancing in Brazil.

What to expect from Samba Solo?

The dance is characterized by rapid rhythmic steps and a swaying, rocking motion from the dancers made to lively beats.

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